Global MBA

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Become a business professional with Global MBA!

Our Global MBA prepares professionals for leadership in an international context. The programme will equip you with knowledge and skills across the full breadth of the management discipline including people management, strategic development and financial decision-making and control. Your skills will be honed through the lens of international business and leading business transformation, to empower you and your organisation to respond strategically to the changing environment. Your development will be highlighted through the capstone module which is a choice of consultancy style project presented by one of our business partners or based on a challenge within your own workplace, or a more theoretical research based topic.
  • Duration
    18 months
  • Language
  • Location
  • Tuition fee
    €9,500 for the program
    February / October
    180 credits
  • Format
  • Accreditation
    Degree awarded by Abertay University, UK

Online Course Overview

The programme aims to provide students with:

  • the knowledge, understanding and opportunity to develop strategic leadership and decision making capabilities in the complex and changing global work environment, through engagement with theory, practice and exposure to real business challenges
  • the skills and knowledge to develop your career in business and management at a professional level
  • the confidence to effectively participate in and manage teams comprising diverse and global talent

Learning outcomes:

  • Demonstrate critical understanding and integration of management and leadership knowledge within a local and international context.
  • Select and apply appropriate tools and techniques to different problem situations in meeting strategic organisational aims.
  • Critically appraise complex business and financial risks and manage strategic challenges, in regional and global contexts, and provide recommendations for innovation and business transformation.
  • Synthesise multifaceted information and communicate in a concise, professional manner to inform decision making.
  • Recognise the responsibilities of the Professional Manager operating within a changing technological and global marketplace.

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