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Swiss EduQua approved accelerated doctoral research program, DBA, with the UK OfQual accredited Level 8 pathway option.

A regular DBA can be converted to to Fast-track DBA through accelerated 1 – Year intensive study.

A DBA is the highest qualification in the field of Business and Management. The DBA program is designed for working professionals who want to further their career with a doctorate. Its primary objective is to produce graduates who will advance their professions and expand knowledge and awareness of contemporary strategic issues and practices. DBA is a combination of two qualifications at C3S – UK Ofqual approved Level 8 (equivalent to M Research/MPhil/ Doctoral Foundation) and Swiss EduQua approved DBA.

This C3S DBA is an accelerated program which can be completed in a year with structured online learning that can be completed anywhere. This online/blended doctoral program gives you the opportunity to carry out research alongside your current role. You’ll live and learn the skills to dive deep into your chosen specialism, so you can take the leap into the academic world of research. You’ll develop the skills and approaches to re-energize your organization with original insights and fresh perspectives.

C3S DBA combines academic excellence and outstanding research with global business connections. Add to that, exceptional skills and career development opportunities, you will find a learning experience that equips you for success in your chosen career. In addition, the qualification is well recognised and opens doors. But, most importantly, developing a solid knowledge base and establishing new linkages has presented great new opportunities for research, consulting and teaching collaborations.

  • Duration
    2 years
  • Language
  • Location
  • Tuition fee
    €6,000 per year
    240 credits
  • Format
  • Accreditation
    Degree awarded: Swiss Degree

Why DBA?

Organizational Impact
The accelerated DBA is a high quality, doctoral level, research degree which has real impact in organizations and on wider policy and practice. It is undertaken by those who are focused on practice-based careers. You and your organization will benefit from dedicated research on a major, often critical, organizational issue. This should have a significant impact on your organization’s management thinking, approach, processes and profitability.

You will usually come to the program with a broad practical question which aims to tackle a particular issue within your organization. This question will become more focused and will lead to clear findings and insights throughout the program. The combination of a review of existing evidence, the collection of primary empirical data and engagement with practice, allows you to undertake research that will have both academic value and a real impact on practice and policy.

Talk to your Employer about Sponsorship:
For many students, obtaining sponsorship from their organization is a viable option. Our experience, strengthened by the agreement of our current students and alumni, highlights that securing the support of your employer, not only boosts the overall learning experience, but also enhances future career development.

The very essence of the Executive DBA means that the supporting organization has the opportunity to capitalize on the employee’s enhanced business and leadership skills allowing future company objectives and strategies to be met.

Personal Impact:
The Executive DBA is designed to provide you with a range of transferable personal and professional skills as a basis for continuing professional development. You will develop personally by engaging in the learning required to progress through the doctorate.

The programme provides a rich developmental experience. Most students find that they undergo a transition in their thinking and approach during the programme to one that is more rigorous and evidence-based. The many skills that you acquire, or in many cases build on, are sophisticated ones that will clearly differentiate you from other managers. The skills are both derived from, and are seamlessly transferable to, ongoing business situations.

This personal development means that our DBA alumni go on to reach senior positions in their careers; sometimes moving into roles in government or starting their own consultancy business. DBA graduates might also combine this with part-time teaching roles, and, we hope, maintain their relationship with C3S.

Why this particular DBA Program?
  • Develop the skills and knowledge to carry out innovative, ground-breaking and impactful research
  • Gain academic expertise in a topic relevant to your organization
  • Join a community of international academics and professionals from industries all over the world – with plenty of opportunities to build connections and further your research
  • Put together your own tailored package of research, business and teaching electives to meet your needs and ambitions
  • Relevant research Create new answers to new questions. You will develop tools that solve complex problems of leadership and strategy.
  • Meet Master teachers and their Master Classes In addition to receiving periodical instruction on research, you’ll work with award-winning professors on research papers and your business propositions/incubation/seed funding ideas, etc.
  • Community building You will contribute to, and be supported by, a community of scholars during your journey and beyond. As a student and alumni of C3S, you’ll join a global network of business professionals who seek to improve the practice of management.
  • Immersed in diversity C3S hosts students of diverse nationalities, speaking an abundance of languages. Students in the DBA program address problems and solutions that face businesses in many different markets, industries, and locations.

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