Student loans. How to avoid?

Studying abroad as a way to avoid student loans
They say: “Take the best out of your student years”! But what can student years take out of you? The first thing that comes to mind is money.

The USA holds the record for the world’s most expensive education. No one would argue the quality of its education, but one cannot ignore the gravity of the student loan debt problem that has become a $1.7 trillion crisis now. For the last decades, education costs in the USA have skyrocketed while federal support has not kept pace. Although President Biden has recently announced student loan relief for borrowers who need it most, it is worth checking all possible options for avoiding student loans but still getting a decent education. One of the options is to go to study abroad. Why?

First of all, because it is possible

Many American students know about opportunities to study overseas for a semester or two. Only a few seize upon vast opportunities of getting a full degree abroad. The number of options for enrolling in foreign colleges is growing by the year. European universities offer more than 1,500 English-taught bachelor’s degrees and even more master’s degrees. Moreover, admissions committees at European and Asian universities have created all conditions for incoming international students. They have established special admissions requirements, procedures, and regulations for foreign applicants - conversion of grades, recognition of foreign qualifications, visa issues, and other nuances. Spain, Italy, France, and the UK are the most popular destinations for American students studying abroad. The COVID-19 pandemic, of course, halted study abroad participation, but everything is getting back on track now.

Furthermore, some companies help Americans find study-abroad opportunities and choose the most suitable one. The goal is to maximize the chance of a successful outcome as they know what key traits admissions committees are looking for and why. Check out Univibes services if you want to get expert help and make your dream come true without stress, doubts, and mistakes. The key to success is to be organized and determined.

Tuition… less?

In many countries, including some in Europe, universities are either virtually free or have tuition less than the cheapest college in the US. Let’s take a look at some examples. In Germany, administrative fees at universities start at 300 euros. Italy is known for not only its delicious cuisine but also for its affordable education costs that start at 150 euros. State universities in Greece are free of tuition as well, but they offer programs taught only in the local language. Although, and here too, witty students have found a loophole. Prospective students who wish to study in Greece can take one year of language training before starting their degree studies, learn the language, and then enroll in a university. Another study abroad destination is Turkey. Tuition fees for Turkish-taught degree programs start at 300 USD per year, and for English-taught - from 1,500 USD.


There are merit-based and need-based scholarships for international students. Merit-based scholarship programs aim to develop future global leaders and provide a unique opportunity for continued networking and professional development globally. Some of the most prestigious scholarships are DAAD Scholarship (Germany), UK Chevening (UK), Swedish Institue Scholarship for Global Professionals (Sweden), MEXT Scholarship (Japan), Global Korea Scholarship (South Korea), and many more! Almost all of them cover all expenses, including tuition fees, monthly stipends, housing, travel costs, health insurance, and research allowances. Generally speaking, to be eligible for most global scholarships, applicants must be a citizen of one of the eligible countries and have outstanding academic performance and leadership experience.

Besides that, universities offer scholarships to students who wish to study there. Each year, the Gates Cambridge Foundation offers 70 full-cost scholarships to outstanding applicants from countries outside the UK to pursue a postgraduate degree in any subject available at the University of Cambridge. It is only one example of a university-based scholarship out of thousands.

Need-based scholarships are also available to international students all over the world. Italian DSU Scholarship, for example, is a financial grant offered by European Union that enables international students to study for free at top universities in Italy. The scholarship covers tuition, living, and accommodation expenses. Along with the fact that applicants must satisfy degree and subject-specific entry requirements, they also must provide a Family Income Certificate.

Federal Aid

A separate mention should be made of Federal Student Aid available to US citizens. Did you know that the Department of Education's official website lists around 900 overseas universities where Americans can use federal financial aid? The list includes universities in Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Germany, Israel, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, and others. The type and amount of federal aid depend on the program applicants plan to enter.

Are you convinced now that studying abroad can save you thousands of dollars and help you avoid student loans?

Along with saving money, you will get an unforgettable experience, meet new people, learn a foreign language, fully immerse yourself in a new culture, and try things outside your comfort zone. The benefits of international education in the age of globalization are conspicuous. The icing on the cake is the affordability of international education and the vast opportunities it opens. If you want to learn more about studying abroad, check out our website and get fresh information about study-abroad opportunities.
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