Italy: Innovative Bachelor's Degree Programs in English

Everyone knows that studying the humanities in Italy is great: Antiquity, all roads lead to Rome, a cradle of civilization. But in this country, you can also get education on subjects related to innovations, from AI methodology to gene engineering. And you don't even need to know Italian! We'll tell you about a few Bachelor's programs in English.
Computer Engineering (Politecnico di Torino)
The design and maintenance of computer systems require extensive scientific training in IT engineering, such as computer science, electronics, telecommunications, and process automation. In addition, you need practical training in these areas. For a career as a computer engineer, you also need fundamental training in the natural sciences (mathematics, physics, chemistry). This allows you to master scientific tools and methodologies that guarantee you the ability to confidently solve practical problems.

This course provides students with basic engineering concepts and excellent knowledge about the main characteristics of information processing, both in terms of hardware and software. In particular, computer skills cover the fundamental principles of computer architecture and processing systems and problems related to the design and integration of hardware and software systems. They give you in-depth knowledge of operating systems, programming languages, software development methods, and the principles and technologies of modeling, design, and database management.

Employment prospects:

  • Hardware engineer

  • Computer network system engineer

  • Applied and system software analyst and developer.

Cost: €1,827 – €2,600 per year

Candidate requirements:

  • TIL-I entrance exam

  • A certificate confirming proficiency in English at the B2 level

  • 12 years of preceding education.

Genomics (Università degli studi di Bologna)
This program ties together IT, mathematics, and biology. It provides a theoretical and practical basis for applying IT, math, and statistical skills to analyze gene data.

What students can expect:

  • In-depth knowledge about genetics and molecular biology

  • Computer programming, biostatistics, large-scale modeling, and computer modeling skills

  • Advanced biocomputing skills to analyze and manage gene bank data

  • Theoretical knowledge and practical skills in analyzing biocommunities, cell populations, and complex systems.

Career prospects:

  • Universities and research institutes

  • Centers for translational research and advanced diagnostics

  • ICT, biotech, and industrial companies

  • Biocomputing consultancy dealing with forensic medicine and legal cases.

Tuition fees aren't fixed and are calculated based on family income, with a minimum of €156 per year

Candidate requirements:

  • TOLC-I (Online Test of CISIA – Engineering) or SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test)

  • A certificate confirming proficiency in English at the B2 level

  • 12 years of preceding education.
Applied Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence (Sapienza — Università di Roma)

This is a new undergraduate program in Italy that covers a significant and relevant area of modern science. It aims to provide impeccable skills in applied computer science and gain in-depth knowledge about the basics and practical applications of artificial intelligence.

The courses offered by the program are distributed over three years. They cover many topics in Computer Science and AI, which are organically interconnected.

Computer science courses covering programming and algorithms, architectures and systems, human-computer interactions, and security provide the necessary background for the development and implementation of original computer applications and the possibility of participating in subjects related to AI.

Laboratory courses will teach students about completing practical tasks using modern tools, such as IDE and SDK. Seminars held by academic communities and company experts help broaden your horizon with real applications and solutions.

Career prospects:

  • Expertise in smart systems and applied computing

  • IT work in state structures.

Candidate requirements:

  • Completing the TOLC-I (Online Test of CISIA – Engineering) or SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test)

  • A certificate confirming proficiency in English at the B2 level

  • 12 years of preceding education.

Tuition cost: €1,000
Bioinformatics (Sapienza — Università di Roma)
This course provides in-depth knowledge of biological systems, the ability to statistically process experimental data, and skills in bioinformatic analysis of biological and medical data. It also provides essential information on rules related to patenting biotechnological inventions and a broad understanding of bioethical issues associated with biotechnologies (for example, biomedicine).

Bioinformatics is a subject at the intersection of different sciences. Specialists are involved in fundamental genetic, biochemistry, and molecular biology research and more applied biomedical research.

The interdisciplinary nature of modern life sciences requires close cooperation between biologists, physicians, and data analysis experts (bioinformaticians). Studying in Italy allows you to learn specific and modern subjects like this.

What is it like in practice?

Providing mathematical and statistical models needed for analysis and interpreting biomolecular experiment data. Developing computational models and methods for analyzing biological sequences and gene expression data (genome and RNA/DNA editing) for diagnostics and personalized medical therapy.

Career opportunities:

  • Genome data modeling specialist

  • Bioinformatician

  • Genome tool developer.

Tuition cost: €1,000

Candidate requirements:

  • Completing an English TOLC-F or TOLC@CASA test

  • 12 years of preceding education.

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