Master of Business Administration

For experts and managers wishing to acquire strategic managerial expertise in order to pursue new career opportunities

Take the next step with an online Master of Business Administration

The general management degree for the top managers of tomorrow: During the MBA degree course from FOM University students will acquire all-round expertise in all of the most important corporate functions – in a way that is hands-on, forward-looking and with reference to international correlations.

Graduates of the full time Master’s programme “Master of Business Administration” are distinguished by their entrepreneurial 360°-view: by conveying comprehensive business knowledge and management competencies, MBA students develop into business-minded, assertive personalities, who are able to safely navigate the international business world.

The core goal of the MBA degree is the development of integrative, practice-oriented thinking and action. Real case studies from the world of business and a lively mix of teaching methods help to sharpen your overall, interdisciplinary perspective.

Thus, graduates will gain important knowledge that will allow them to maintain an overview of all operational processes when making decisions. A voluntary coaching programme, which runs alongside the degree course, can also support students with their own personal development.
  • Duration
    4 semesters
  • Language
  • Location
  • Tuition fee
    €13,500 in total
    March | September
    90 ECTS
  • Accreditation
    All academic degrees are state-recognized and all study programmes are accredited

Online course overview

You will complete your master studies in Business Administration with the academic degree of Master of Business Administration (MBA).

Studying online provides a great flexibility in terms of space and time. Borders are hardly relevant any more - neither for teaching nor for students, who can connect and join in discussions from anywhere. This online study program is for students who do not want to leave their home country but still seek for an international degree. Since these programs are part time, students can continue to follow their (professional) life at home. The basis of FOM’s digital live studies are fixed-schedule courses in the form of interactive live broadcasts. The live lectures consist of a mixture of theoretical knowledge transfer and practical elements, such as exercises or case studies. In order to deepen the theoretical knowledge and apply it practically, the students work on questions and exercises, for example in breakout sessions.



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